Tarion Inspection

Tarion InspectionSo why do I need a Tarion inspection? You spent a lot of money to buy a newly built home. But despite the best intentions of the builder, there are always defects to correct because it takes a lot of different hands to build your new home and there are a lot of materials to install properly. So it always ends up in a mad rush to try get you into your new home on time. Of course your move-in date arrives with minor material defects, workmanship issues and/or uncompleted items included. Fortunately for buyers in Ontario the Tarion New Home Warranty has got your back.

Our new home warranty or Tarion Inspection reviews the defects found against the two hundred and fifty plus construction performance guidelines. Unfortunately not everything that can happen is covered. We help identify Items that appear to fall within Tarion’s criteria for you to report for action by the builder. Including Items you reported on your Pre-delivery Inspection, or PDI, that remain unresolved. In addition, we conduct a full home inspection that reports items that may fall outside the Tarion coverage but that you still need to know about as a home purchaser. Our report gathers all the warranty items in one section making your Tarion report submission easy.

Tarion Inspection Deadlines

Settling into your new home is a busy time. With everything else you have going on it might be a challenge learning what you can report. The clock starts ticking once you take possession. Within 30 days of taking possession of your new home you must deliver your first deficiency report. That’s not a lot of time. The second critical milestone is the one year mark. Plan your inspection to be at least five business days before these deadlines to get your data in on time.

It would be our pleasure to help you to with your reporting at either of these times.


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