How to Fall Off a Ladder

Those of you who wish a long, healthy and unexciting life will probably not want to read this article. You’ll be one of those folks who always sets up your ladder on level ground; consistently leans it against a solid surface at a ratio of four units of height to one unit out from the wall; secures the top of the ladder; thinks to use a non-slip map under the ladder’s feet on a wet or slippery surface; and always keeps a hand free to grip the ladder.

Now those of you willing to trade a little excitement now for a lot of discomfort later, you can always flaunt the guidelines above. If you disregard them in creative combinations you’ll never know what heights of adventure you may reach. Do make sure you have a video camera filming every climb because we won’t want to miss it on Youtube. Speaking of which, here is an excellent educational video from a health and safety instructor who missed out on the guidelines.

There are some truly inspired ladder climbers out there. Here are a few pictures that show what’s possible if you take your ladder climbing to extremes. Can you imagine the pictures we missed of the extreme climbers who didn’t have any friends left to film them? Perhaps someone thought to immortalize their efforts with a Darwin Award.

So why would you want to fall off a ladder? Well a couple of ideas come to mind. All you have to do is fall off a ladder once or twice early in a relationship and you are pretty well excused from any maintenance jobs involving a ladder for all time. There is always the invalid/pity gambit to exploit as well. Deliberately crippling yourself can really payoff for about six weeks of meals served on the couch and in bed. Of course there’s the rest of your life to think about.

Author: Rob Cornish is a Home Inspector in Ottawa, Canada. © 2013 HomeXam Inc.
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