Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing InspectionSellers benefit when they take the best possible product to market. A Pre-Listing inspection helps sellers to identify flaws in the home they intend to sell. They can then repair the issues at their discretion and convenience. At the time of purchase, buyers often insist on higher figures for repairs to protect themselves from unforeseen problems. Sellers are able to get multiple estimates and choose the option they prefer. No contingency is then required and renegotiations can be avoided for completed work.

Buyers appreciate a well-maintained home and pre-inspections allow sellers to demonstrate they have been looking after the property. Just having insight that a pre-listing inspection provides, lessens the shock of defects that are identified in a subsequent pre-sale inspection. Why not remove as much of the uncertainty as you can when you want a potential buyer to have confidence in the home they are considering? Completing the repairs without the time pressure of deadlines for waiving conditions allows additional estimates and approaches to be considered. In the final analysis, having repairs removed from the discussion can net the seller more money.

Pre-listing home inspections for seniors can deliver additional value. With baby boom demographics upon us in Ottawa, preparing for retirement and downsizing are good reasons to have an inspection. Trustees face uncertainty with properties when they have little knowledge of its current condition. Estate services are able to serve their clients better when we can provide them a report of the issues they need to address.

Having confidence in the home you are selling can be just as important as having confidence in the home you will be buying. Schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection now if you are thinking of selling in the future. Why should the buyer be the only one to enjoy those the repairs you need to do?

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