Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase InspectionRealistically every house or condo has defects and we will find some. Most will be minor issues that can be quickly addressed at minimal expense. Some might be safety issues that must be fixed immediately and others you might decide are acceptable to you or can be addressed in planned renovations. We will be on the lookout for major damage and structural issues as we go through the house but hopefully won’t find any. The important thing at this point in the process is to help you with your due diligence through a visual inspection before waiving your home inspection condition. We look at a great number of items as we inspect your potential new home. For a thorough understanding of what we look at you can review our Standard of Practice.

Our pre-purchase home inspection adds to your knowledge of what you are buying before you are committed to the deal. It always remains your decision whether to proceed with the purchase as is, or to attempt to negotiate inclusion of repairs or price adjustments. After careful review of our report, you can undertake these discussions with contractors of your choice, your lawyer or other advisers and your real estate agent.

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