Very informative. I would recommend to family and friends. The time, honesty and respect was exactly what was needed for a major purchase.

Kevin R.

Thorough inspection. Answered all questions. Notified of future work to be done.

Dominic J.

Very thorough and patient answering questions. Provided suggestions. Seemed very knowledgeable and gave helpful hints.

Sandra G.

Awesome job. Thanks.

Tim K.

Rob is a great house inspector. He is patient and goes through every detail include din the contract step by step, He’s truthful. Tells it exactly like it is. I strongly recommend his services. Thank you Rob.

Joshua V.

Very professional. Punctual. Down to earth and has a great sense of humour. Very knowledgeable as well. I would highly recommend Robert to everyone needing a home inspection.

Roseanne B.

Rob was extremely informative and completed a thorough inspection.

Steve A.

Did a great job. Went through every room with us and went through issues along the way. Made us feel comfortable with the home purchase.

Laurel M.

Very through. Attention to detail. Clean. Pleasant to deal with. Willing to explain pros and cons of any issues raised.

Marcel B.

Rob was very through, patient and knowledgeable for the home inspection. We would ask for his help again when we move.

Stephanie M.

Thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend.

Aurelie B.

Did a great job of not only pointing out potential flaws with the house, he also tool the time to teach me about the mechanics of the home. I would definitely recommend his services.

Erika W.

Robert was very through and took time to explain any unknowns for us.

Olivia V.

Rob managed to fit in an inspection when I needed one quickly. He was great about getting in touch, friendly and professional. I also got lots of excellent advice about future renovations that I might consider and now to maintain the property, I’m very satisfied with the service.

Paul B.

Thorough and knowledgeable. Took his time to inspect. Answered all questions and asked if I needed any clarification.

Peter M.

Robert was very patient and extremely through during the inspection of our new home. We are very impressed with Homexam and happy to have used their services. As owners we now feel more knowledgeable about our home and its upkeep.

Rebecca W.

Thorough and efficient tour through a prospective home. Knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. Left with a much better picture of the property in question.

Jeff D.

Rob was very helpful in answering question regarding the limitation of the wiring of the home. He made sure that I understood all things pointed out and what sort of remediation was necessary.

Damen G.

In depth inspection with pertinent information as he went along.

Pierce D.

Rob was very meticulous doing his job. We learned a lot about being home owners.

Carlos R.

Informative, knowledgeable, excellent.

Victoria E.

Did a great job. Went through every room with us and went through issues along the way. Made us feel comfortable with the home purchase.

Laurie M.

rob did a great job. Taught me everything I did not know. A good teacher.

Sham I.

Rob was very thorough and explained everything as he went along. He seems to enjoy his work greatly and we appreciated his knowledge and experience. I found him to be very pleasant and patient. I cannot think of anything that Rob could improve upon.

Karen C.

Great job! Detailed and thorough. Answered all my questions. Highly recommend!

Luc L.

Great experience with Ron and our home inspection. Learned a lot about our new home and make a confident decision.

Stephanie C.

Patient and knowledgeable.

Mathew H.

Very pleased with the process and learned a lot!

Jocelyn L.

Rob was very thorough and offered tips in any area where he had concerns. He advised us to watch for certain things in the future.

Brad G.

Thorough and helpful.

Phillip K.

Best home inspection I’ve had! Gave good tips on things to look at in the future.

David A.

Explained clearly. It was great!

Francisco A.

Rob was very helpful and friendly. He was patient with all my questions and concerns. I will recommend his services to friends and family.

Melissa W.

Inspection was thoroughly made. Answered all questions. Very pleasant.

Dominique L.

Rob took the time to explain on multiple levels. The necessary and important findings and information that assisted us in making an informed and knowledgeable decision.

Paula L.

Very thorough and informative. Excellent work.

Peter S.

Completed a thorough home inspection. I felt good about my home after the inspection. Our home was brand new but our inspector identified some issues for my wife and I to pass on to the builder. The inspector also gave ideas of things we could improve but were not necessary.

Rick J.

Very thorough and thoughtful. Was able to fully explain the pros and cons or every situation.

Chris O.

Thorough, knowledgeable.

Rodney G.

Very thorough. Showed me all places of concern. Punctual and polite. Very personable. Taught me about hydro panel and roof material.

Sue J.

Rob was very thorough in his inspection and he took his time to answer all of our questions. This is our second experience with Rob and we were very happy!

Aden S.

Very patient and knowledgeable. I feel confident in making an informed decision now.

Garrett M.

Thorough, helpful. Took the time to review all questions and pictures.

Michael T.


Jonathan F.

Very knowledgeable and thorough. Friendly and a pleasure to deal with.

Faub F.

Professional – thorough and efficient. Gave alternatives to solutions for remediation of problems. which were very much appreciated. Reassuring.

Ed G.

Excellent job done. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

Elizabeth R.

We hired Homexam for both a pre-inspection prior to selling our home and prior to buying our new home. both times were professional and thorough.

Curtis B.

Great and helpful tips. Explained everything I need to know.

Assaleh F.

Rob is friendly. Highly knowledgeable and very thorough. He kindly took his time to explain regular maintenance items, important more urgent items and why. Being new to this experience we appreciated his service and kindness immensely. Highly recommended.

Cristina G.

Was very thorough.

Stephanie T.

He was very patient answering my questions. Knowledgeable helpful and overall very good.

Cora N.

Excellent service provided. Very thorough. Answered all my questions without delay. I felt very comfortable asking questions. Very knowledgeable.

Amanda R.

Extremely thorough inspection. Very responsive to questions and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Jean-Rovert O.

Very thorough and very good at taking the time to explain things.

Christine S.

Thorough inspection. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Will use again in Ottawa area.

Ankit K.

Always had time to discuss any concerns. Explained when needed. Very friendly.

Jason T.

Rob was thorough and helpful during this inspection. He answered every question and made the two and a half hours fun and educational.

Nicole W.

Rob took the time to double check all of our concerns and answered knowledgeably.

Jessica A.

Rob was an absolute pleasure. He thoroughly went through the inspection of the home. He answered all of the questions we had as first time home owners and beyond. Truly recommend his services.

Emma H.

Good work. You always answer my questions.

Sabastien G.

Very thorough. Thanks for answering all my questions.

Sarah F.

Very through. Patient with questions and answered to the best of his knowledge. Gave helpful tips and good advice for future plans.

Melissa T.

Informative and thorough inspection. Good and informative advice.

Jung L.

Appreciated inspector contacting realtor to open access hatch to roof for inspection.

Christian B.

Great job for entire spectrum. Very clear debrief.

Joesetto D.

Fast, thorough and on time. Set expectations before hand and delivered.

Jacob F.

Thank you for taking the time to do a detailed inspection.

Sylvie R.

Well spent time going over with us the process and too highlight and to explain any findings.

Peter O.

I am a satisfied client.

Ashley L.

Very thorough and informative inspection.

Valery T.

Thorough inspection. Well explained and ideas explained in an appropriate manner.

Lindsay E.

Very thorough and helpful. Second time using Homexam and we are very happy.

Jason B.

Great thorough inspection. Answered all my questions well.

Nicole D.

Rob was thorough and took the time to go thorough every nook and cranny.

Andrew P.

Rob was friendly, knowledgeable and punctual. The inspection was informative and fun.

Diane S.

Detailed explanation. Very polite and professional. Gives good advice.

Gabriel C.

Rob spent time with us and was very helpful wih any questions we had. Highly recommend him to others.

Brad R.

Very thorough inspection. Patient answering all my questions and concerns. Very Professional.

Karin T.

Very thorough. Took a lot of pictures. Went on the roof and did an amazing job in the rain. Went the extra mile answering our questions.

Zaher M.

Rob was extremely thorough and answered all of my questions and concerns. He was a pleasure to deal with and gives a realistic set of expectations for what the house will require to get it up to code. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to buy.

Stephanie T.

Rob was super helpful and knowledgeable. He was patient throughout and was happy to answer my questions. Would not hesitate to recommend him.

Daniel Y.

Very informative. Thorough.

Tom H.

Thorough inspection. Great work. Appreciate everything.

Andrew M.

Second inspection with Rob and still as satisfied as the first time.

Justin B.

Can’t think of anything to improve. Inspector/inspection was very good.

Catherine S.

Rob is friendly, highly knowledgeable and very thorough. He kindly took his time to explain regular maintenance items, important/more urgent items, and why. Being new to this experience, we appreciated his service and kindness immensely. Highly recommend Rob!

Christina G.

Rob is very thorough with his inspection. Took the time to answer all of questions and give us helpful tips to maintains our home. Will definitely refer to all friends.

Derek Y.

Very knowledgeable and patient. Brought up very informative insight and good advice.

Eric B.

Inspection done with great care and attention. I appreciated the time to explain all the facets and outcome of the inspection.

Danielle L.

Did a great job of not only outlining potential flaws with the home, he also took the time to teach me all about the mechanics of the homes. I would definitely recommend his services.

Erika C.

Very knowledgeable and through. Friendly and a pleasure to deal with.

Faun F.


Jonathan F.

Thorough, helpful. Took the time to review all questions and pictures.

Michael T.

Very patient and knowledgeable. I feel confident in making an informed decision now.

Garrett M.

Rob was very through in his inspection and he took his time to answer all of our questions. This is our second experience with Rob and we were very happy!

Aden S.

Very thorough. Showed me all places of concern. Punctual and polite. Very personable. Taught me about hydro panel and roof material.

Sue J.

Thorough, informative, patient, knowledgeable, helpful, good advice.

Victoria B.

Thorough, knowledgeable.

Drake R.

Very thorough and thoughtful. Was able to fully explain the pros and cons of every situation.

Chris O.

Completed a very thorough inspection. I felt good about my home after the inspection. Our home was brand new but our inspector identified some issues for my wife that and I to pass on to the builder. The inspector also gave ideas of things that we could improve but were not necessary.

Rick J.

Very through and informative. Excellent work!

Peter S.

Rob took the time to explain on multiple levels the necessary and important findings and information that assisted us in makeing an informed and knowledgeable decision.

Jay L.

Inspection was thoroughly made. Answered all questions. Very pleasant.

Dominique L.

This is our first experience with a home inspection. Thorough and professional and provided a lot of insight into an old house.

Tobias B.

Rob was very thorough in his home exam! I appreciated the honesty and his calm demeanour. He answered all the questions asked of him clearly.

Aden S.

Very thorough and professional. Came recommended and I agree with the recommendation.

Curtis B.

thorough inspection with logical walk-through. Very informative and happy to answer all our questions.

Mathew T.

Easiest, worry-free and efficient home inspection ever. Pleased with service level and knowledge extended. Will refer.

Johanne J.

Gave me confidence in the status or the unit. Great eye and points out concerns – great investigator too!

Marg R.

Rob answered all my questions and explained things until completely understood. I feel comfortable with my purchase.

Gloria M.

Rob made a very through examination of the house. He took time to answer all my questions and offered lots of helpful advice. Strongly recommended!

Jesse B.

Fantastic and through inspection. Answered all questions and was very detailed.

Andrew P.

Took lots of time to go through the home and explain everything.

Amanda B.

Rob was great! Very informative and helpful. I feel confident in my purchase!

Michael S.

Very thorough inspection. Very professional.

Nancy L.

We thought Rob did a very thorough job. We went over every aspect possible needed to ensure the house is safe and ready to move into.

Steve E.

Great at mixing the relevant inspection points with solid home improvement tips for a new owner.

Megan H.

Very thorough, wonderful to work with, great teacher. Very knowledgeable. good advice. Made the process enjoyable.

Dan R.

Great job.

Jill A.

Very through with the inspection. Took the time to educate and go through the house. Very personable and gave wonderful advice.

Melanie P.

Excellent, thorough investigation. Will definitely recommend to others.

Jennifer W.

We found Rob to be complete. Gave all information so we could make a well informed decision. We highly recommend Rob to future buyers.

Bonnie L.

Very thorough examination. Explained questions and informed me of problems/benefits.

Joan R.

Provided good tips and advice. Very helpful and answered all our questions. Overall good experience! Thanks.

Stephanie C.

Rob was fantastic, very thorough inspection. Highly recommended.

Stacey M.

Very good job!

Alexander B.

Very knowledgeable, informative, offered helpful information very relevant. Easy to trust. Great service.

Ann G.

Very Patient, good advice and friendly to work with. It was a very nice experience. Thank you.

Patrick M.

Great job.

Joanne H.

Great, thorough and unbiased report. Straight forward and easy to understand assessment of the house.

Eric S.

Rob was very informative and professional throughout the inspection. He very diligently went through and took the time to explain any potential issues with the house. Thank you Rob for your knowledge and hard work!

James R.

Excellent experience. Comprehensive, clear and efficient. Very pleasant. I learned a lot.

Jeff L.

Very thorough and knowledgeable/helpful.

Francine L.

Very informative and helpful. I would highly recommend these two.

Melanie H.

Good job, very knowledgeable.

Kevin D.

Very thorough! Very informative, took time to explain everything and made sure we were satisfied. Great! Thanks.

Tania B.

Excellent service!

Marie M.

Very thorough and professional, but also approachable and relaxed to explain and make suggestions. Actually enjoyed the process more than I expected. Highly recommended!

Fiona M

Friendly service. Took time to explain concerns with us on site.

Grace T.

We had a great experience with Rob and Robert. They were very thorough with their inspection and took time to explain things to us. they were knowledgeable and up to date with current standards and gave us excellent advice on home maintenance. Would definitely recommend!

Mary J.

Very informative. Took the time to answer questions and explain all findings and improvements that can be made. Very friendly and were great to work with.

Andrew H.

Robert and Rob provided a thorough inspection and left us with a greatly improved understanding of the condition of the house. They took time to explain their findings and were extremely professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for your help!

Scott L.

Very detailed and easily understood. Took the time to explain and answer any questions.

David T.

Perfect and thank you.

Olfa M.

this is the third time I am using Homexam in the last 6 months. I have been thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and expertise in conducting home inspections.They have saved me thousands of dollars by pointing to hidden issues that would have otherwise been unnoticed without inspection.

Benoit M.

Great feedback and thorough inspection. Spoke in clear language that I could easily understand. Took the time to answer all my questions.

Chantal R.

Very educational and efficient. Thank you.

Nadia B.

Everything was explained in detail. Good Job.

Bill W.

Excellent demonstration of their expertise in showing the house defects (or lack thereof).

Bill B.

Homexam provided a thorough home inspection that went above and beyond expectation. Both Rob and Robert were friendly and very open to client questions. Will definitely recommend Homexam to friends and family.

James C.

Very informative and educational. Very friendly. Very knowledgeable. We feel very confident that this home is safe, especially now.

Laura W.

Very comprehensive report. Handled every aspect in a professional manner which gained my confidence in his observations and recommendations. We’d refer to other military members for future service.

Zachary N.

Rob and Robert did a very thorough inspection and went through each and every corner of the home. Especially liked the inspection they did on the basement and outside of the property and identified couple of major issues.

Sawan G.

Very insightful, thorough and clear for a first time house buyer.

Jason R.

Very happy with inspection, gave us lots of information and able to educate us on many different aspects of the house! Would for sure recommend to others.

Ashley M.

Very useful information provided during the inspection. It went beyond my expectations. Very friendly service. Much appreciated.

Marie-Andree R.

Very pleased with the entire process. Very helpful and extremely thorough. I will definitely use Homexam again in the future.

Justin H.

Very professional! I am happy to call them again.

Hamid S.

Rob and Robert were professional, thorough and efficient. I have piece of mind that I now understand my home better.

Jarred K.

Both inspectors seem very knowledgeable and thorough for the inspection. I also like the attention to detail, even if minor. It speaks highly towards their expertise.

Yannick M.

Highly recommended. Met expectations. Thank you.

Joel T.

The best inspection ever!

Marian E.

Very professional and they took the time to explain everything and how to maintain my house.

Nicolas P.

Really happy with this service.

Lester S.

Awesome once again! Thank you!

Sara M.

Best home inspection experience we have had and we have had a few.

Peter D.

Thorough and friendly service. Pleasure and comfortable to have around.

Ben M.

Both Rob and Robert took the time to go through and answer any questions I had to the best of their knowledge and even explained how to go about fixing things.

Warren C.

Very professional and accurate inspection. this is my second time using HomeXam within a month. Their expertise and comprehensive report helped me make very important real estate decisions.

Ben M.

Very professional suggestions and comments. Took time inspecting every bit of place.

Hirut Y.

Took the time to explain and made sure all our questions were answered. Encouraged us to participate in the inspection.

Glen P.

Very professional and they took their time to explain everything also on how to maintain my house.

Nicolas P.

So friendly and informative. Thank you!

Sara M.

You guys did a great job and it was nice to have two people so you can take more time and not in as big a rush.

Stone H.

They are very thorough and descriptive.

Ahmed Z.

Absolutely fantastic job. Will recommend.

Tim K.

Homexam provided a very thorough and informative inspection. It was a pleasure working with the team.

James K.

A great service, and very professional!

Byron B.

Friendly, professional and most importantly – 100% focused on making sure our new home is high-quality and well built. A pleasure- thank you!

Gabriel M.

Very thorough inspection! Robert and Robert too time to explain what they had seen. Pictures were appreciated! Charles and I are very satisfied. Thank you!

Renee R.

Great job! Like the fact that there were two inspectors that were very knowledgeable.

Eric S.

Fantastic fun and knowledgeable.

Paul L.

Rob and Robert were thorough and very professional. Responsive and fast as a team, these men took on my inspections and provided an excellent report which included recommendations for repair and updating. I am extremely satisfied with them.

Audrey R.

Very quick to point everything out and answer questions! Thanks.

Cassandra B.

Both inspectors took the time to walk me through the inspection, any observations and answered all my questions. They were very thorough. I would definitely refer this team to other people and friends.

Vince P.

Very clear explanations. Took the time to go through everything and more. No rushing. Great job.

Emilie C.

Very good thorough inspection. Easy to talk to and get along with.

David M.

Rob and Robert were very personable, friendly and knowledgeable. They took the time to thoroughly inspect the property and provide us with the information we needed to make a confident and informed decision. We would gladly recommend them to anyone needing a home inspection.

Hannah H.

Great job and extremely knowledgeable. Gave us a lot to consider and projects to do. Also was helpful in giving us advice on how to fix problems.

Nancy G.

They explained everything in laymen terms. Easy to talk to and know what they’re doing.

Mathieu L.

Rob and Robert did an excellent job. They were extremely cordial and answered all of my questions.

Paul M.

Rob and Robert took the time to explain how to use and maintain my new home. I found features I didn’t even know I had! Their patience and clarity was very much appreciated. The best home inspectors I have had in the course of my 18+ moves!

Kelly H.

Fantastic work guys. Very professional and knowledgeable. Will refer to friends and colleagues. Love the website.

Andrew C.

Second time using your services. You saved me thousands of dollars and a big headache. Great!

Emilie C.

The inspection was done in a very professional matter.

Erika L.

Professionally done. Very happy with the job.

Judith P.

HomeXam did a great job!

Alexandra K.

Rob and Robert were methodical and patient enough to explain all the features/workings of the house. We are first time home buyers and we didn’t have a lot of information before our meeting, but we can walk away with plenty of information.

Madhu S.

Excellent and very informative.

Jason B.

Second time clients. Thorough, detailed, honest, informative. Will be referring them to everyone I know.

Adam M.

Rob and Robert were very thorough. They answered all of our questions and were honest about what they could see and about things that they were unable to answer!

John B.

Very thorough and informative. Lots of advice, which is greatly appreciated.

Adam M.

Full of knowledge and helpfull advice for first-time buyers. thanks for your help.

Chris J.

Good job.

Sandra W.

Rob and Robert were thorough, professional and very pleasant. They ensured that the home inspection proceeded smoothly and answered all our questions patiently.

Clarisse G.

Excellent inspection. Answered all questions on the spot. Inspection was made by a team of two — a very good way to do it.

Gilbert M.

Did a good inspection.

Mary K.

A careful, thoughtful, informed inspection; took the time to explain and answer all questions.

Dave E.

Did a full and acceptable inspection.

Dawn H.

Excellent service. Thorough and methodical. Very friendly. Rob and Robert took the time to explain every question and observation. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Heinz K.

Rob and Robert are very professional inspectors. If somebody is looking for inspectors, we would definitely refer them. They did a good job. We really appreciated their hard work and professional job done.

Bill C.

Very professional. Well done!

Xin W.

I was concerned about leakage on the roof and especially condition of the attic. My concerns were addressed and explained in such a way as to be understandable and clear. Both Robert and Rob were very thorough. I’d recommend their service.

Jan B.

Very thorough and comprehensive inspection with excellent results and valuable information and advice. Really good work.

Richard S.

Great service! Thorough and personable.

Stephanie D.

I would like to recommend these fellows to anyone and worth a million dollars.

Moe S.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Ian D.

Rob and Robert were very thorough and explained everything in terms easily understood.

Mary G.

Very professional, informative and pleasant. Very good pre-brief to describe the details of the home inspection. Excellent post-brief on the findings. Great job!

Richard J.

Great inspection. Lots of detail.

Adam O.

Very thorough and diligent. Both Robs took the time to answer our questions and gave us guidance. They also made us laugh! Thanks!

Angie P.

We chose to have our house inspected before we listed it for sale. The advice we received from Rob and Robert allowed us to prepare our house for sale and list it with confidence.

Ingrid B.

Very informative. Thorough. Nice sense of humour.

Agnes B.

Great service. Very knowledgeable. Answered all my questions.

Mitch A.

Rob and Robert are a great team, getting inspections done in a timely manner. They’re still very detailed and I liked having the photos as a review at the end. Great job!

Jenna S.

Excellent thorough inspection. Friendly and helpful. Many thanks!

Bill L.

Quick, efficient and friendly service. Pictures and explanations were well expressed.

Karen G.

This was a very thorough and very informative inspection! They had lots of time for questions and took time to explain everything! Thank you!

Lezlie L.

Rob and Robert did a great job inspecting the house and were very good at explaining all aspects about the house to someone who has little knowledge of houses.

Mary G.

Robert and Rob were first and foremost professional. They clearly described their responsibility and the provided clear descriptions and explanations of potential issues. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

Mathew W.

Great thorough job. Was very happy that they were willing to answer all of our questions.

Kim C.

Very thorough. 2 person team approach is excellent- Saves time and offers 2 man perspective on many things.

Terrance B.

Rob and Robert were called upon twice by myself and my husband. Our first home inspection they detected a defect which we believe protected us from a risky situation. We fell very secure in the home we have chosen with their help. The home inspections were very detailed and thorough. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, especially first time home buyers due to the amount of information they also provided me with on general home maintenance.

Hannah D.

Rob and Robert took great care to ensure myself and my wife were well informed during the inspection. Would recommend!

Barry L.

We had the pleasure of having Rob inspect our new home. He was very thorough and took the time to explain any potential issues that may arise and what to look for in a manner that was easy to understand. He also made suggestions on areas to consider making upgrades/changes for our own benefit.

Jassy C.

Robert and Rob are not only knowledgeable and thorough home inspectors, they are also caring and conscientious service providers. We enlisted them twice this summer in our quest to purchase our first home. After the inspection of the first house, they diplomatically alerted us to some serious latent defects in the house, which would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars to address. After they inspected a different house for us today, however, their manner—in addition to their comments–conveyed their confidence and delight in the quality of the house. They were also clearly pleased that their initial report saved us from a bad purchase and, by extension, led us to a great one. Competent, credible, and caring—what more can you ask a home inspector to be? We recommend them most highly.

Tobi K.

Experience and care go a long way. Robert and Robert set expectations well, walked through every step, covered every detail and soothed every worry. Couldn’t be more pleased and will highly recommend. Sold by the experience and pedigree and they delivered.

John C.

Very resourceful and competent inspectors who took the time to explain all relevant issues and to point out any matters that potentially needed to be addressed. I really appreciated the useful tips and suggestions that were offered. Sincere thanks for your time and patience. Your conscientious approach to the inspection process was quite evident.

Ahmed S.

Everything I expected. Professional and thorough.

Emanuel F.

A thorough inspection by both team members. Identified numerous issues large and small. Worked well together to clarify all concerns. Little room for improvement. Well done!

Doug R.

Homexam inspectors were professional, informative, polite, and knowledgeable. This was first home inspection we had where the inspectors took care and time to patiently explain the subject property’s deficiencies. The home inspection documentation is easy to understand, thorough, and well organized. Because of Homexam’s concern and services, we were able to avoid a very costly mistake. We would not hesitate using their services for future potential home purchases.

Fred M.

These guys have construction background, which is a must in this business. Very pleased.

Jeff M.

Inspection session was really good. Even if we don’t have enough knowledge, both Roberts were really good in educating and guiding us.

Sandeep S.

Great work. I’m very pleased with your service.

Michael W.

Very pleased. Thanks.

Kimberley K.

Very friendly and thorough. Perfect combination!

Melanie A.

Very thorough! Friendly and informative. Would defintely refer!

Amanda L.

Very thorough! Great practical advice!

Mike S.

Great job! Good practical explanations and advice.

Michael S.

You are the best!

Barry M.

Very knowledgeable and experienced. True service to client.

Adam K.

Fast but complete. Enjoyable experience.

Ryan D.

Rob and Robert are very knowledgeable. They know their job and look at all aspects in a very detailed way. I highly recommend them to any others looking for home inspections.

Adulapuram S.

Friendly and informative experience. They took time to answer all our questions and gave us all the information we needed and more. We will refer them to all our friends.

Lawrence M.

Very thorough visual inspection. Answered all questions very well, patient and informative.

Bryan W.

I was very impressed with the service. It was thorough and well done.

Mike C.

Did a great job. Not only helped me to find the problems but helped give me the reason and solutions. Two people working together are really efficient. I liked the summary at the end of the inspection. It helped me a lot.

Yadi T.

Very informative. Did not rush us and explained the whole process and answered all our questions.

Jose S.

Robert and Rob took extra time to answer all our questions. Very thorough and informative inspection. Definitely recommended.

Fadi I.

Very informative. Thank you.

Danielle M.

Amazing job. Very detailed. Very informative. Very Friendly.

Jordan K.

They were on time and explained everything with pictures which is easy to follow.

Stephanie R.

Excellent and thorough inspection of the property and took time to answer all of our questions. Well done!

Frank M.

Very thorough inspection. Highly recommend this company.

Sean O.

Great service!

Hazen V.

Great inspection. Patient and noticed details. Took time to answer questions.

Jean-Philippe B.

Very nice to deal with. Answered all questions. Took time to explain everything in detail.

Katie V.

Love the electronic report!

Kara L.

It’s been an excellent experience.

Eric T.

Good explanations of the home inspection.

Christena C.

Excellent service – Rob was thorough and explained all areas of the inspection fully to me in terms I could understand.

Cheryl P.

Tremendous detail.

Carson D.

Both Roberts did a great job of explaining the process and each section of the inspection, as most of my questions were answered by his explanation before I asked the question.

Elie K.

Love all the details. Clear explanations and thorough inspections.

Nicholas M.

Outstanding! Clear and concise information in regards to all aspects of the inspection.

Veronica G.

Very thorough and helpful! Easy explanations for complicated things. I am a first time home buyer and Rob made me very confident in purchasing future homes. Awesome job! Thank you!

Zachary K.

HomeXam knows their stuff – They are the Best! I thoroughly recommend HomeXam. Both my husband and I are extremely pleased with the service, knowledge, and thoroughness of the home inspection we received. We would highly recommend HomeXam to everyone!

Sarah V.

Thank you for your written report on my home inspection as discussed. The inspection was done thoroughly and not rushed in any way. As well your sense of humour helped soften the blow as some problems/concerns were pointed out.

Maria H.

We would like to thank you for your timely and professional service. You provided us with clear explanations of your findings during the inspection and followed up with the written report. The report has a great layout and gives more information that expected.

Duane P.

Very thorough and on-time. Answered all questions and found answers for any issues.

Ross R.

Thorough job. Thank you. Nothing to improve on.

Hailey T.

We were so pleased with the service, we are a repeat customer.

Tracy P.

Rob was very thorough with his inspection and looked at every nook and cranny to find issues. He also made recommendations along the way.

Daniel B.

Thorough, patient, concise. Explains very well. Very good service provider. Definitely will do business with HomeXam again.

Maria T.

Thank you for your services, we really appreciate it. As first time home buyers, this experience was more than satisfying. Not only was your service fast and reliable but also concise and to the point. Same for the report. We will definitely refer HomeXam to our friends and family.

Michael B.
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