The Report

Access to a sample inspection report has been provided for your review via the link below. A few words of guidance before you leap in. If you familiarize yourself with the list of features below you will be able to readily find them by scrolling and clicking through the sample report. The report will open in the midst of the report to allow us to point

Report Features and Benefits

  • A summary section will gather major deficiencies and safety issues to the front for easy review. Save time. No need to wait at the house while the inspector completes the report summary on site.
  • Your report will contain photographs and descriptions of deficiencies in an attractive and easy to read format. Pictures to tell the thousand word story. No struggling to decipher someone else’s poor handwriting.
  • You will be able to click on section headings to quickly navigate the report. Hint: Using a page down key makes it even easier. Links will display further explanations and illustrations of common building issues. No frustration searching through included reference materials trying to find something relevant.
  • Your report is provided as a PDF electronic file. You will be able to securely download your report and read it on any device with a browser and the ubiquitous Adobe Reader software (available in our report section). No lugging an awkward binder around. For those who like to read from paper, you can always print out a copy.
  • You can email a copy to your spouse if you are the in town advance party. No delay or cost to ship a copy of the report.
  • 7 year archive maintained to retain a copy of your report should you need it. No searching boxes in the basement looking for that last inspection report.

Sample Report

HomeXam invites you to review the report in order to better understand the work we will be performing for you. To view the sample report click on the link below and a PDF file will open in a new window.

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If you need to install a copy of Adobe Reader, you can find it by clicking the following image.

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